L60 Elite Robotic - Robot Lawn Mower Coffs Harbour NSW Australia

L60 Elite

L60 Elite

Lawn area up to
Manage any number of lawn areas | 5 Ah battery | 2 hour run time | brushless motors | no wire perimeter required!
+ Installation Costs
Upgrades Available:
2.5 Ah, ZCS Connect Module
Average Working Time (h):
Maximum Permissable Slope (%):
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Silent & eco-friendly, with easy and intuitive controls. The continuous mulching function leads to a healthy and lush lawn that requires fewer fertilisers, and there is no need to dispose of the grass!
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Able to work in any situation and weather conditions. The rain sensors, which can be turned off at any time, return the robot to the charging station in case of rain, helping to preserve the quality of the grass.
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Easily handles some of the most difficult slopes. Stainless steel blades ensure precise cutting on any type of grassy surface.
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Easily handles the most difficult slopes, up to 29 degrees for some models. The stainless steel blades ensure precise cutting on any type of grassy surface.


Models are available from easily to handle 200M2 all the way up to 5 acres (20000 M2) with the three main product lines.  

With the Infinity System, you can integrate several robots to work together in different areas giving you the ability to handle up to 20 acres (80000 M2).  

Once installed, a robot lawn mower will cut your grass automatically, without requiring any intervention from the user unless you wish to change the cutting schedule or settings.

Robot mowers are mulching mowers. This means that the grass is cut into fine clippings and scattered on the lawn so that the nutrients are returned to the soil.
We are proud that our robots are helping climate change by reducing petrol emissions. Australia has approximately 9million dwellings.

If each dwelling spends 30 minutes per mow, that is equivalent to 360 million cars driving for 30 minutes each time a mower is used.

Ambrogio uses a rechargeable lithium battery and does not use any fossil fuels helping reduce the impact of climate change.